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Linda asks…

network with 200 pc client, which server proper for this network?.?

I just have about 200 PCs or less, i need a server to manage these PCs, so i need to know more about that server ,its product version, its componant, and its price if possibile.
u can write a website if u have for that….thnx

KL Commuter’s answers:

It really depends on what your needs are, what resources you want to provide, what kind of physical space you have for the system and what your budget is. Generally speaking though building a server and loading up Linux is an inexpensive way to build a great domain controller. It is secure, capable and cheap. However, if you are not familiar with Linux than Windows 2003 is a good way to go.

For hardware I have purchased 4 Tyan GT20’s. They are awesome barebones servers. They are loud but I have them all housed in datacenters so I don’t have to listen to them. But they are cheap and they really do a great job. You do have to build them on your own though (as they are barebones systems).

If you are not rack mounting this server than really any machine will work. Build up a server in a tower case with SATA drives for redundancy and a bunch of RAM.

If you want to purchase a prebuilt system than HP is probably the way to go. The DL line is great. Again it is rack mountable and a little loud. But they are great systems.

I hope that helped.

Paul asks…

Is Fujitsu Servers is better than HP Servers?

I want to purchase new Server machine I will use 100 clients by this server please guide me about brand.

KL Commuter’s answers:

I recommend HP Prolient servers they are really awesome when it comes to server environments despite you want to run windows, Linux etc. There is better support and other management applications, backup etc. You can choose the server that best suites your infrastructure environment weather tower, rack mountable or blade. The prices also count for the specifications you might need, Intel Xeon processors, PC2 DDR2/3 ram, Gigabit Lan, ILO, BBWC raid arrays etc.

Lisa asks…

Windows 2003 server mouse goes jerky whenever hard disk is being accessed?

Mouse works fine except when the hard disk is accessed. Then it goes jerky

KL Commuter’s answers:

Hmmm…we run 3 servers on Win2003 (two on a rack with a KVM switch, and one as a standalone) and we haven’t had any issues with our mice. I bet it isn’t an issue with Win2003…unless of course, your system is too weak to handle the load, in which case the mouse response would be shaky when the machine’s crunching away.

Robert asks…

1U server case width measurement?

or is the width standardized as well?

KL Commuter’s answers:

Yup. They are designed to fit into a 19″ rack.

Jenny asks…

What kind of rails does this server case use?

I See it has rails on the side, but what do you have to have on the rack for the rails to slide on? If that makes sense? Don’t think I can hang it but just the 4 screws on the front, can I?

KL Commuter’s answers:

Those rails are designed to slide inside rails on the rack it self. The server would be held by that rail. With at least two screws holding the rails on the rack. The screw holes on the front are just to keep the servers secured to the rack, and not to hold it up.

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