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Joseph asks…

How can I use a 1U server without a server box?

I see these for sale alot:
Is there a way to use them without a server rack to plug into? They never show the back so I can see the connectors. It seems like a good deal if I could plug in a monitor/mouse/kb, etc. Can I?

KL Commuter’s answers:

Most of them have kbd/mouse/video ports – they are just PC motherboards in a small package… However, the video will be for console type work – NOT gaming. Many 1U chassis do allow you to install 1 PCI type card, so you can add your own video card.

I have 4 1U’s in my rack now – and a 4u, and a few old 1U systems in storage. ALL of them are on a standard KVM switch.

The rack is only to keep things well organized. Before I had a rack, we just had them stacked up on a wooden shelf.

Chris asks…

What is a good welder for a novice? Perhaps arc welder, or mig welder?

I’m trying to learn how to weld, and I haven’t the slightest idea on what would be a good starting point. I don’t know any good welder manufacturers. The project I’m trying to build is a standard-type server rack, about 6-7 feet high. I want to keep it enclosed so I can properly filter dust, and keep the systems in the rack nice and cool. Any suggestions?

KL Commuter’s answers:

Not only is a mig welder better for a novice but it’s better in just about every way. The welds are much cleaner it’s easier to control the molten flow and if you use gas instead of flux core wire, there is less spatter. Draw backs are that it’s more expensive to purchase especially if you get a gas one

Sharon asks…

Is it ok to have sex in a data center?

I am a night technician at a fairly large data center in the silicone valley. I am a very reliable employee, but there is often nothing to do and I find myself sexting my girlfriend on MSN at work.

Needless to say, this is getting old. The data center is loud, full of tall server racks, and no one ever goes in there. Do you think it would be ok to have sex with my gf in there?

KL Commuter’s answers:

As a guy, I say it’s ok anywhere you get away with it. As your boss, I’d fire you if I found out. Are you sure the room isn’t monitored and is it secured (should she be in there, dressed or not)?

Helen asks…

My rack mounted server keeps dissappearing the cd/dvd rom, how can i make it stop that?

Its server 2003 rack mount server. after a couple hours maybe less the system drops the cd/dvd-rom. When i go into my computer to see it but its gone. try opening it up, nothing like there is no power to it. When i reboot the server then it shows up and everything is good.

KL Commuter’s answers:

The keyword in your question if “power”. It’s likely that the PSU is cutting power from the drive. Either the PSU is dying or is being over-taxed by too many hard drives.

As a workaround, try plugging the DVD drive into a different cable run from the PSU. Though I doubt that will help, it may.

George asks…

What benefits are there to housing servers in a rack?

What benefits are there to housing servers in a rack, compared to a collection of
standard tower machines?

KL Commuter’s answers:

You can store many servers on a 19″ wide ground space. Usually, a full rack is 72U high. Each 1U is 1.75″ in height. Therefore, you can fit theoretically, 72 1U Servers on one rack.

It allows you to have massive amounts of server processing power in the least amount of floor space possible.

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