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Thomas asks…

Minecraft Server IP isn’t working for me, Help?

I have created a Minecraft server for me and my friends and the IP doesn’t work for me or my friends. The server itself is fine because putting “localhost” as the IP works for me, but when I put in my IP with :25565 at the end it doesn’t work. The whole thing is fine, I have a custom world in it and 3GB of ram for it, but the only that’s messed up is the IP. Anyone that can help please do.

KL Commuter’s answers:

Firstly, you want to make sure you are giving out your public IP and not your local one. Local ones usually start with, your public ip can be found on something like . Second, if that’s not the problem, then you need to port forward, done by logging into your router and accessing the port forward options- you can find more info on this through google (minecraft port forwarding). Other then these I don’t know, you might also want to try without the :25565

Jenny asks…

IP keeps changing? (Minecraft server)?

Hey guys!

I have a problem here, my server IP changes every day, and it’s quite annoying. I dont want to have to port forward every day and then give out the new IP… So, how can I make it stop changing every day? Or even better make it into words. Would be grateful for an answer.


KL Commuter’s answers:

If you’re hosting at home and referring to your WAN IP, there’s not much you can do other than request a static IP from your ISP. They will usually charge you a monthly fee for this.

Alternatively, you can create a dynamic DNS entry for your server. You can run a client on the server that will update the DNS record to your IP address at specified intervals. Then, you can simply give out the DDNS address for people to connect to, and it will work even with your IP changing.

If you are referring to your LAN IP for the host, you can either increase DHCP lease times on your router or specify a static IP address within the subnet of your LAN but outside of the existing DHCP address.

Susan asks…

how does DNS names converted to IP address of web servers?

I wonder how does web browsers resolve the IP addresses of web servers given only their DNS names when I browse the internet.

KL Commuter’s answers:

Each network card has a DNS address it send “questions” to. So when your browsers needs to have an IP address, it sends a question to the DNS server. The DNS server might or might not have the answer (the answer held in a database stored in the server). If it does not have the answer, it asks another pre-configured DNS server. Eventually, somewhere up the stream the answer will be found, and will return to you.

DNS server usually have “.named” files holding such information. Such information can have the form of:
xray A

Meaning, xray host name should be converted to

David asks…

Public IP vs modem IP for Halo PC dedicated Server?

I know for sure that my server IP should be 88.24*.12.6* but it is the sane old common IP that people get on there own and not when it is a dedicated computer. What am I doing wrong in firewall and Internet setup?

KL Commuter’s answers:

First the 192.168 range of addresses is a private network range. These muse NEVER be visible to the Internet. ALL machines in a private network must only have private addresses, and must also be in the same subnet as the rest of the network or they can not use it. The 88. Address is a public address, these are generally dynamic and issued by ISPs. You can see these addresses on the Internet, and any site on the Internet would actually see your machines as coming from that router public address. But from inside your network you can not go to your own public address, as the router would see this as itself. Unless you have a static IP address you do NOT have a dedicated server address. If you are running a server internally you would need to forward any router ports you want other machines to use from outside the network to the private IP of the server. Your question is totally ambiguous, if you explain what you are trying to do we can probably help.

Lizzie asks…

IP config for server 2003 and XP?

I have two virtual machines (server 2003 and XP), the server is a DNSserver but i cant ping either of them, the firewalls are turned off. i suspect the IP‘s configurations aren’t right. What settings should i use form both machines

KL Commuter’s answers:

Are you using VMware WorkStation? If so go into the “Virtual Network Editor” located in program files. Once you open this,

Firist click “Add Network” (you need to use this network in VM workstation console under network adpters using this for your Server 2003 and XP client machine) NAT (shared host IP address with VM,S),
2.check mark “connect a host virtual adapter to this network”,
3.check mark “use local DHCP service to distribute IP address to VM’s”
4. For subnet IP use eg, and subnet mask
5. Click on DCHP Settings and start IP address: and END IP address

anything under will be your Static IP address you should use on your Servers so for example your server 2003 IP configuration should be IP subnet mask should be, Default gateway you can leave blank for now (let me know if you want this configured) and the preferred DNS server should be (loopback IP)

Hope this helps.

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