Betty asks…

What is an Apache Server?

I thought there were Windows servers and Linux servers, so then what are Apache servers? Is it software, hardware, What is it???

KL Commuter’s answers:

Apache is a web server which you can run on your computer whereas windows/linux servers are just operating systems which are optimized to be used as servers(dealing with multiple requests and responding to them).

Maria asks…

Performance -Database access from different server ?

Hi I am trying to establish a database connection between 2 servers i.e. accessing a database ( 1 view only -destination) from source server . there are two approaches 1. Open the ports so that the source server can directly hit the database server.
2. Can it be possible to create a view on my destination server which will refresh itself from source database after like 1 hour or so.
Second question is which will be a better option performance wise so that my destination database will recieve less hits.

KL Commuter’s answers:

If it is SQL Server, you should be able to create a linked server and use the view like it was on the destination server always up to date.

Nancy asks…

my server address for yahoo account?

my server address

KL Commuter’s answers:

There are two sets of settings for Yahoo email. The first assumes that you are allowed POP3 access on the FREE accounts. Many of us have to use the PAID Yahoo Mail Plus accounts in order to access POP3 facilities, in which case the second set of settings would apply.

1) Yahoo! Mail Settings (if allowed)

Yahoo Incoming Mail Server (POP3) – (port 110)
Yahoo Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) – (port 25)

2) Yahoo! Mail Plus email server settings
Yahoo Plus Incoming Mail Server (POP3) – (SSL enabled, port 995)
Yahoo Plus Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) – (SSL enabled, port 465, use authentication)

If you need to upgrade, go to Options > Mail Plus > Upgrade now > enter your payment details for $19.99 annual fee to complete the process.

Steven asks…



KL Commuter’s answers:

Owner of server has a sort of pseudo-white list on the server. Its using an odd thing in bukkit that makes you have to have “permission” instead of actually saying your not on the whitelist. Otherwise its the same as a white list

James asks…

what is SMTP server name?

what is SMTP server name?

KL Commuter’s answers:

It depends on what server your using for yahoo mail it’s:
* Incoming Mail Server (POP3):
Use SSL, port: 995
* Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
Use SSL, port: 465, use authentication.

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