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Daniel asks…

How can I get to Bandar Bukit Puchong 47100, (using public transport) from Pasar Seni LRT station?

Which Rapid KL bus should i take and from where should i get off.

KL Commuter’s answers:

You can ask the commuters at Pasar Seni LRT.

George asks…

i have couple of questions regarding transportation in Malaysia ?? plz help …?

okay , i want to go to KLCC from puchong perdana, Which rapid Kl bus can i take ?

How much is the ticket of Kl monorail ?

How much is the ticket of LRT?

How can i get to Zoo negara by Rapid KL from puchong perdana?

Which bus should i take to go to Ampang road form puchong perdana , i need to go to the embassy ?

Which bus should i take to go to Sunway pyramid from puchong perdana ?

Which bus should i take to go to Aquaria from puchong perdana ?

Which bus should i take to go to Bird park Kl from Puchong perdana ?

Which bus Should i take to go to berjaya times square from puchong perdana ?

Which bus Should i take to go to Mines Shopping centre from puchong perdana ?

Which bus Should i take to go to Pavillion shopping centre from puchong perdana ?

I dont know much about the routes , so please help me out . I am on holidays and i would like to visit these places .


KL Commuter’s answers:

Hi, there are a number of buses that ply your route and the best answer to all your questions would be to call the transport company yourself for the correct bus nos to the various destinations. It looks like you may have to change to different buses judging from the different places you want to go.
I recommend the Hop On Hop Off Tourist bus that takes you to several tourists and shopping spots and saves you a lot of hassle.

Secondly, you can always drop in to a travel agency in Puchong Perdana to pick up brochures on Kuala Lumpur with maps and destination routes. Alternatively, you can also google for a map of the area.

Carol asks…

Can anyone tell me how to go Wisma Ali Bawal at Jln. Tandang, PJ, by bus from Federal Highway? Thanks.?

I will take U81 rapid Kl to bus stop near AVON at federal highway. But which bus that i have to take from AVON to reach Jln tandang? Or are there any bus from Menara Axis,Menara TM, Bangsar LRT or Abdullah Hukum LRT to Jln Tandang? Thanks a lot..

KL Commuter’s answers:

There are no direct bus from AVON at Federal Highway (Lebuhraya Persekutuan) to Jalan Tandang in Section 51, Petaling Jaya. However, i will suggest that you get down at the bus stop near EPF building at Jalan Gasing & Jalan Universiti junction.

Then you need to walk across the highway to get to Jalan Gasing where you will see the EPF building on your left & proceed to the nearest bus stop. Then take RapidKL bus route no U66 (Pasaramakota – Taman Medan via Petaling Jaya). The bus did not go to Jalan Tandang directly but the bus will bypass Jalan Penchala & Jalan Tandang junction on their way to Taman Medan in Jalan Klang Lama.

Just get down there & walk along Jalan Tandang until you see Wisma Ali Bawal on your right which is about 250 metres away from Jalan Penchala & Jalan Tandang junction.

The bus fares is RM 2.00 (UTAMA) for the whole day service but since you will purchase the ticket when you board the RapidKL bus route no U81, just show the ticket to the bus conductor on bus route U66.

Hope it helps.

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