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Steven asks…

Help!!! How to get to Inti College Subang Jaya by public bus???

Hey everyone!!!
I need help with transportation to Inti College Subang Jaya. Anyone from Malaysia knows what bus(rapid kl) to take from SS2, PJ to SS15/8(inti college)???
All help will be appreciated!!!

KL Commuter’s answers:

This question should be posted at the Malaysia Travel section. Anyway, check out this link for the bus routes…

Sharon asks…

Which bus should i take from SS2 to Sunway Pyramid?

I live in SS2 in PJ, which bus or buses should i take to go to Sunway Pyramid? there are rapid KL U85, U88 and metrobus 12 and 99 available in my area.

KL Commuter’s answers:

No idea whee you live or what you are talking about, but yea go for the metrobus 12, i am sure that will take you to wherever it is you want to go

Susan asks…

how to go to KPMG?stil take U82 rapid bus??

hey….really appreciate if u guys could tell me how to get to KPMG KL if i were to go by KTM…..really appreciate for express reply ^_^ pls… n thx alot…

KL Commuter’s answers:

Sorri fren, no idea! Not from KPMG.

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