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Laura asks…

how to estimate my time to LCCT?

my flight is 9.45am, If I LRT from Wangsa Maju to KL Sentra on 6am, then take Skybus go LCCT, enought tie for me arrive airport before my flight?
7am…will trafic jam or nt? this kind of problem common in KL?

KL Commuter’s answers:

I’ll assume you need to be at the airport 2hr before flight ( 9.45am ). International flights may require more lead time, check with your airline.

Skybus has a schedule of 7.30am-8.45 am ( see http://www.lcct.com.my/skybus.php ).

The LRT time in transit appears to be about 27min, so you would need to find a bus route that left Wangsa Maju on or before 7am. I was unable to see the local schedules on their web site ( http://www.rapidkl.com.my ), but I would expect that they would have a bus between 6am and 8am. So my *guess* is that if the airlines say that 2hr is sufficient time at the airport, 6am may be enough.

James asks…

How to go Klang Mydin from KL airport, (via pasar seni).. URGENT?

it’s will be my 1st trip to malay, can anyone give answer the cheapest transport via bus or LRT (cost & bus number maybe) :
1. How to go Pasar Seni from KLIA ?
2. How to go Klang Mydin from Pasar Seni ?

KL Commuter’s answers:

1. Pasar seni from KLIA – you can take the expresses buses there or the KLIA transit.. But i suggest KLIA transit as it only take about 25 min to reach KL Sentral.. I think is RM35

then from there take Putra LRT to Pasar Seni.. Only 1 buck…

2) You can take buses there…. Like Seranas 99 or E4 Rapid KL or U 62 Rapid KL…
Once you got down at the last station, you did probably see Mydin already…

Else, you could get the LRT back to KL Sentral and take KTM.. Stops at Klang Station… Is just a few steps away from the bus station…

Donald asks…

Fastest and Cheapest way from KL central to SIC?

what is the quickest way from KL central to the sepang international circuit? cabs are too expensive!! should i take the bus? or the train (lrt)? and how much are these gonna cost? thanks!

KL Commuter’s answers:

I suggest the bus that takes you to the KLIA LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) or the Express Rail Link (ERL) to KLIA, and take a bus from there.

Check out the link below for costs and other methods to get there.

Robert asks…

How to get from Cheras to KLCC?

I’m staying with a colleague in Taman Connaught, Cheras during my Training here in KL. I don’t want to burden her for taking me everywhere. I would like to know the most convenient way beside taking the taxi to get from my place to KLCC. Is the STAR LRT the easiest way out?

KL Commuter’s answers:


From Cheras take the Star LRT to Masjid Jamek, change train PutraLine direct to KLCC.

Hope this helps.

Mandy asks…

where is jalan ipoh kecil (KL)?

can i go there by LRT….

KL Commuter’s answers:

Yes, u can get there by taking Ampang line or Sri Petaling line to PWTC Station and walk to your destination. Its located of Jalan Putra near Jalan Raja Laut and Jalan Ipoh nearby, located at Chow Kit district of Kuala Lumpur. You can also take the Monorail to Chow Kit Station and walk to there, as its also nearby, but nearer and more accessible than PWTC Station.

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